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Jim Bishop

A 35-year veteran of banking, Jim is Senior Vice President and Lakeshore Market Manager for West Michigan Community Bank, a privately held Michigan bank with $500MM in assets. Previously, he was one of 10 charter employees of The Bank of Holland where he held leadership positions as Senior Lender and Lakeshore Market Manager from the company’s inception in 1998 until the sale of this successful de novo bank in 2015. Prior to this, Jim worked in senior positions with Old Kent Bank (now 5/3 Bank) and the former First Michigan Bank (now Huntington) where he was employed while completing his undergraduate studies in business administration at Grand Valley State University.

He completed all course work at the Southwest Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business and Advanced Management II at University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Jim is actively involved in the community where he presently serves as Treasurer of the Community Foundation of Holland / Zeeland and Chairman of the City of Holland Downtown Development Authority.

He is a past board member and Vice President of the Lakeshore 504, a Certified Development Company for SBA loans, a past board member of the Holland Area Arts Council, Holland Area Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement – Lakeshore and a former trustee of the Muskegon Public Schools Board of Education. He also served as a charter member of the executive committee for the Ready for School Council in Holland.

A consistent and proficient sales leader and sales person, Jim understands the key elements for sales success through referrals and meaningful business relationships that are mutually beneficial. Balancing the needs and concerns of all stakeholders (stock holders, internal staff, external clients, and community) is essential to the long-term success of every organization regardless of the industry or the individuals served.

His techniques helped the Bank of Holland and its holding company, Lake Michigan Financial Corp., grow from a start-up community bank to high-quality regional financial institution with $1.1Billion in assets in just over 17-years. Subsequently, he joined the team at West Michigan Community Bank and has helped grow this community bank from $190MM in assets to the present level of $500MM in just over 3-years. Given that banking is a commodity business consisting of buying and selling money, Jim has proven that consistent sales can materialize as long as you have the right techniques to differentiate from your competitors. Jim will help you build confidence in your team’s sales activities by teaching them his proven techniques.